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Cycling-boating holidays

In 8 days you will discover the Netherlands through beautiful waterways, cycling- and hiking routes. 

Beautiful Dutch nature with Cows other animals waterways and much more

Make exciting discoveries, enjoy nature and relax


Looking for accommodation for a festival, reception, wedding, work function or any other event?

hotelship overnight stay and sleep hotel ship on location

‘Josefien’ can be your hotel ship on location

Group accommodation

Hotel ship 'Josefien' can be chartered. 'Josefien' accommodates up to 75 guests during daytime and sleeps 22 persons.

Charter ship 'Josefien' for:

  • a comfortable sleep to sleep near your party, conference or reception
  • employees that need a comfortable place to rest
  • your wedding; have your wedding party here and sleep here too
  • meetings that benefit from an informal and quiet ambiance

Ship Josefien also offers the most beautiful boat bike tours & holidays through magnificent waterways of the Netherlands. Recommended for example is one of this boat bike tour holidays: Tulip Tours Holland Amsterdam

We can host whatever event you have in mind

Guest talk:

Guestreviews Ship Josefien what our guests say

Josefien is:

  1. Delicious food
  2. Comfortable stay
  3. Relaxing environment
  4. Beautiful nature
  5. Biological & Sustainable
  6. Warm host and hostess
  7. Unique experience

Ship Josefien

Jaap van der List
Esther Weekamp
+31 (0)6 1084 3022 Call Crew Ship Josefien the Netherlands Zwolle
Ship Josefien
Tolgaarderstraat 70
8043 CJ  Zwolle
CoC: 08053010
VAT: 1623 43 759 LO1-BO1
IBAN: NL96 RABO 0322.3822.89

Ship ahoy

Ship Josefien
MMSI 244730771

Find actual location of Ship Josefien the Netherlands Zwolle

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