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Boat bike tours & holidays Holland

Boat bike tours & holidays North-Netherlands Wadden Islands IJsselmeer

In 8 days you will discover the Netherlands through beautiful waterways, cycling- and hiking routes. You will sleep at a different location each night, gently rocking on the waves. Every night we will discuss the destination for the following day. You decide how you get there: cycling, hiking or cruising along with the ‘Josefien’, your floating hotel during your cycling- or hiking holidays in the Netherlands.


Beautiful boating routes

'Josefien' has a number of fixed routes, which can be booked by our guests. In spring and autumn we depart from the city of Zwolle. In summer, we depart from the coastal city of Harlingen. Our fixed routes are depicted below.

  1. Tulip Tours Holland Amsterdam
Experience the magnificent Netherlands during this 8-day bike ride trip: Tulip Tours Holland. Discover the impressive capital Amsterdam and the unique Amsterdam canals, the historic cities Haarlem, Leiden, Gouda. The colorful beauty of the Dutch tulipfields 'de Keukenhof'. Amaze yourself with the mills, the typical Dutch clogs, and not to mention the delicious Dutch cheese. Checkout Rotterdam, the biggest seaport, in Europe, visit the beautiful museums and/or the biggest and most luxurious castle of the Netherlands. Enjoy all the best of Holland during this Tulip Tours trip through Holland.

Traveldetails Tulip Tours Holland Amsterdam boat bike tour Netherlands


  1. The 'Wadden' islands
The shallow 'Wadden' sea and the 'Wadden' islands are a massive natural reserve on the UNESCO world heritage list. Feel the elements and discover 'Ameland', 'Terschelling', 'Vlieland' the 'Wadden' sea and the Frisian city of 'Makkum' in 8 days. Enjoy the relaxing scenery, wonderful flora and fauna, beautiful cycling routes and hiking trails and the excellent local food and produce.

Boat bike tour Netherlands Wadden islands


  1. 'Wadden' sea and North Holland
Cruise the 'Wadden' sea, experience the islands of 'Terschelling', 'Vlieland' and 'Texel' by bike or by foot. Cross a lock to the 'IJsselmeer' and discover the beautiful provinces of 'Noord-Holland' and 'Friesland' with overnight stays in 'Medemblik', 'Enkhuizen' and 'Makkum'. 8 days of wonderful relaxation.

Traveldetails boat bike tour Wad islands & North-Holland - the Netherlands



  1. The 'Weerribben' and Hanseatic route
This tour will take you to several historic cities along the Hanseatic trade route, which formed the economic backbone Europe in medieval times. Start from 'Zwolle' and discover natural reserve the 'Weerribben' and the beautiful nature and cities along the river 'IJssel'. Cycle through 'venice of the North, Giethoorn', 'Kampen', cross the hilly areas of 'Holterberg' and 'Veluwe' and discover the rural 'Achterhoek' near the cities of 'Doesburg' and 'Bronckhorst'. With overnight stays in the picturesque cities of 'Zwolle', 'Blokzijl', 'Wijhe', 'Deventer', 'Zutphen' and 'Hattem' this is a wonderfully varied 8 day trip of "pure nautical pleasure".

Traveldetails Weerribben and Hanseatic route boat barge tours Holland Netherlands

  1. Pick your own route
Do you have your own suggestion for a nice route or do you have some idyllic locations in mind that you would like to visit? Then please contact us and we will take you through the options and help you plan your perfectly customized holiday.
Evening- and beach walks workshops and 'Wadden' excursions

During our tours we will organize several evening walks and workshops in navigation and other nautical skills. When we are at the 'Wadden' sea, we will organize local excursions.

Our tours allow you to discover the Netherlands by boat, by bike or by foot, to eat and drink fresh local produce and to meet interesting people. There will be ample opportunity to mingle in the social events we organize or, alternatively, to retreat on deck, in the salon or in your private cabin.
Our routes are amazing and the ship 'Josefien' will provide you with a friendly, sustainable and comfortable environment. We hope to welcome you on board.

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