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The Wadden Islands

The 'Wadden' sea was declared a UNESCO world heritage in 2009 and forms a unique habitat for more than 10,000 rare species of plants and animals. The area has 5 inhabited islands, 3 of which will be visited on this tour. The shallow sea looks magnificent and offers a unique opportunity to walk the sea-bed during low tide.

Be amazed by sea, sky and islands

Route description

The journey with 'Josefien' starts in 'Harlingen'; a vibrant coastal city with a variety of ports, monumental buildings and a historic city centre. You can go for a city walk or enjoy the bustling activity in the port from a terrace. From 'Harlingen' we cross the sea to 'Ameland' offering a great opportunity for spotting seals underway. 'Ameland' offers several natural reserves, 4 hamlets a magnificently wide beach and has a light-house which can be climbed. Monday afternoon, we head for the port of 'West-Terschelling'. 'Terschelling' has a wonderfully diverse range of landscapes with forests, dunes, beaches, unique vegetation and wild-life and picturesque villages. Wednesday morning, we head for 'Vlieland'. 'Vlieland' is small and (virtually) car-free, a beautiful dune landscape and an unparalleled view of the 'Wadden'. The high street has a range of nice shops and boutiques. The evening beach walk 'Stortemelk' is especially recommended. On Thursday you get the ultimate 'Wadden' experience where the ship moors in a shallow during high tide and becomes fully beached during low tide. Passengers can now walk the sea-bed and go for a 'Wadden' excursion. We will stay out at sea overnight giving you a unique experience of the open water, skies and starry nights. On Friday, we go to 'Makkum' a typical Frisian village offering a mix of rural sceneries and water sports. A visit to the crockery museum is especially recommended. On Saturday morning 'Josefien' cruises back to 'Harlingen'. You can stay on board or cycle to Harlingen yourself.

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Day program

Saturday: 'Harlingen'

  • City walk 'Harlingen'

Sunday: 'Ameland' 

  • boat trip to 'Ameland'(4 hours)
  • workshop navigation
  • cycling/hiking

Monday: 'Terschelling' (afternoon departure)

  • boat trip to 'Terschelling' (4 hours)
  • seal spotting

Tuesday: 'Terschelling'

  • cycling/hiking
  • museum visit
  • evening walk 'West Terchelling'

Wednesday: 'Vlieland'

  • boat trip to 'Vlieland' (2 hours)
  • cycling/hiking
  • evening beach walk 'Stortemelk'

Boat-bike-tour North-Netherlands Wadden Islands spectacular beaching on the sea bed

Thursday: beaching

  • boat trip on the 'Wadden' (3 hours)
  • beaching on the sea bed (weather allowing, 8-10 hours) and staying overnight on the 'Wadden' or near the 'Afsluitdijk'
  • workshop nautical skills
  • experience the elements in open nature

Friday: 'Makkum'

  • boat trip to 'Makkum'
  • cycling/hiking
  • visit the crockery museum

Saturday: 'Harlingen'

  • trip to 'Harlingen' (2.5 hours)
  • cycling/hiking
book now boat-bike holidays North Netherlands the wadden islands


Included in this trip:

  • accomodation
  • breakfast and dinner
  • lunch pack for underway
  • coffee and tea
  • detailed cycling/hiking maps and route descriptions
  • daily introduction of the routes
  • 'Wadden' beaching excursion
  • evening walks
  • workshop nautical skills
  • workshop navigation
  • free wifi internet

Not included in this trip:

  • rental bike
  • entrance fees for museums
  • travel insurance
  • drinks and other expenses
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Guest talk:

Guestreviews Ship Josefien what our guests say

Josefien is:

  1. Delicious food
  2. Comfortable stay
  3. Relaxing environment
  4. Beautiful nature
  5. Biological & Sustainable
  6. Warm host and hostess
  7. Unique experience

Ship Josefien

Jaap van der List
Esther Weekamp
+31 (0)6 1084 3022 Call Crew Ship Josefien the Netherlands Zwolle
Ship Josefien
Tolgaarderstraat 70
8043 CJ  Zwolle
CoC: 08053010
VAT: 1623 43 759 LO1-BO1
IBAN: NL96 RABO 0322.3822.89

Ship ahoy

Ship Josefien
MMSI 244730771

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