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Weerribben and Hanseatic route

Discover natural reserve 'de Weerribben' and the cities and nature around 'de Gelderse Ijssel'. Starting from 'Zwolle', you will cycle or hike across marshlands, National Park 'de Weerribben', reclaimed land or 'polder' areas, 'Holterberg', 'de Veluwe' and the rural area of 'de Achterhoek'. You will visit 'Giethoorn and 'Kampen' and will stay overnight in 'Zwolle', 'Blokzijl', 'Hattem', 'Deventer', 'Zutphen' and 'Wijhe'.


Natural reserves, marshlands, the river 'IJssel', beautiful medieval Hanseatic cities and much more; the Netherlands at their best.


Route description

Day 1: you will board in 'Zwolle', a medieval Hanseatic city with a rich historic past. Discover the city centre and visit the recently restored museum 'de Fundatie'.

Day 2: cycle to 'Blokzijl' through the wonderful landscape of low-land marshes and meadows. Meanwhile, you can visit National Park 'de Weerribben' or make a boat-ride through 'Giethoorn', also known as the 'Venice of the North'; certainly worth a visit. In the evening you can partake in a navigation workshop.

Day 3: you will cycle through the reclaimed land of the 'Noordoostpolder', across the newly built 'Ramspol' bridge, through the 'Kamperland' to the beautifully preserved medieval city of 'Kampen'. Next, you will cycle along the river 'Ijssel' to the port of 'Hattem' where you will stay for the night. There will be an evening walk in 'Hattem'.

Enjoying on deck during weerribben and hanseatic route Netherlands while eating sandwichesDay 4: You will cross the 'Ijssel' into the province of 'Overijssel' and cycle via 'Heino' and 'Raalte', across the 'Salland' hills to the historic Hanseatic city of 'Deventer'. You can visit the 'Fundatie' museum in 'Heino' or the picturesque centre of 'Raalte'. Enjoy the 'Salland' landscape with its many tree lanes, old farms, country estates and windmills. In the evening you can partake in the workshop nautical skills.

Day 5: Today you will cross the river 'Ijssel' again and cycle in the hilly 'Veluwe' National Park. In 'Apeldoorn' you can the royal 'Paleis het Loo' or the 'Kootwijkerzand', a large area of sand and heather in the heart of 'de Veluwe' with in its heart the monumental broadcasting station 'Radio Kootwijk'. 'Josefien' will be moored in 'Zutphen' where you can partake in an evening walk through this wonderfully preserved medieval Hanseatic city.

Day 6: today you will discover the varied landscape of the 'Achterhoek' with its ancient trees, stately farms, impressive castles and country estates.

Day 7: today you can choose to go down stream the 'Ijssel' on board the 'Josefien' or to cycle through the stunningly beautiful river landscape yourself. 'Josefien' moors in 'Wijhe'.

Day 8: during breakfast 'Josefien' heads off towards 'Zwolle'. To get back from the 'Ijssel' to the 'Zwarte water' we will traverse the 'Spoolder' lock. There will be ample opportunity to visit the market in 'Zwolle'.
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Enjoying the lovelyl harbour of Blokzijl aboard Ship Josefien

Day to day program

Saturday: 'Zwolle'

  • Embark in 'Zwolle'
  • discover the city centre
  • visit museum 'de Fundatie'

Sunday: 'Blokzijl'

  • cycle ride through marshlands and meadows
  • visit National Park 'de Weerribben'
  • visit 'Giethoorn'
  • workshop navigation

Monday: 'Hattem'

  • cycle through 'Noordoostpolder' to medieval 'Kampen'
  • overnight stay in the port of 'Hattem'
  • evening walk through the 'Hattem' city centre

Tuesday: 'Deventer'

  • cycle via 'Heino' and 'Raalte' to the historic Hanseatic city of 'Deventer'
  • visit museum 'de Fundatie' in 'Heino'
  • visit the picturesque centre of 'Raalte'
  • workshop nautical skills

Bike boat holidays Holland Netherlands: Weerribben Giethoorn Hanseatic routeWednesday: 'Zutphen'

  • cycling in 'de Veluwe'
  • visit 'Paleis het Loo'
  • visit 'Kootwijkerzand'
  • city walk in 'Zutphen'

Thursday: 'Zutphen'

  • discover the 'Achterhoek'
  • wonderful bicycle ride through varied and exciting landscapes

Friday: 'Wijhe'

  • bicycle ride or boat trip downstream the 'Ijssel'

Saturday: 'Zwolle'

  • boat trip to 'Zwolle'
  • cross the 'Spoolder' lock
  • visit down town 'Zwolle'
  • visit the market in 'Zwolle'

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Included in this trip:

  • accommodation
  • breakfast and dinner
  • packed lunch
  • coffee and tea
  • detailed route description for cycling and hiking
  • daily introduction to the route options
  • 'Wadden' excursion
  • evening city walks
  • workshop nautical skills
  • workshop navigation
  • wifi internet

Not included in this trip:

  • rental bike
  • entrance fees for museums
  • travel insurance
  • drinks and other expenses


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Josefien is:

  1. Delicious food
  2. Comfortable stay
  3. Relaxing environment
  4. Beautiful nature
  5. Biological & Sustainable
  6. Warm host and hostess
  7. Unique experience

Ship Josefien

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